Things to know before planning to study in the UK

12 Aug 2020


Planning to study in the UK? An ideal study destination offers a world-class qualification in a contemporary learning environment. The quality of education offered in UK universities is unbeatable. Often known as the gateway of Europe, UK features are extremely cosmopolitan society. You can choose from the wide variety of choices in terms of subjects, courses and institutions and above all everything at economical rates.

Furthermore, before you start your study in the UK here are some things you must know:

  • Select your university

There are more than 100 universities in the UK, and the one you choose will have a significant impact on your experience. Some factors that play a crucial role in deciding your university include curriculum, cost, weather, and surroundings. After you select the university, it will play an essential role in your abroad education process.

  • Adopt the culture

The United Kingdom features a cosmopolitan society, and it is also home to various ethnic groups. It also hosts different nationalities from around the globe. Thus it is essential to embrace every individual's culture. The tolerant and stable society teaches students to interact with a variety of individuals.

  • Utilize student offers

Students can avail of student discount facilities through the national union of students. Additionally, many companies also offer vouchers to students in a variety of products that include books, gadgets, transportation, clothes, furniture, and much more. Few colleges also organize fairs in the initial college week where you can avail discounts on various products and student facilities.

  • Weather

Many of us are aware that the weather is delightful in the UK. However, you can find locals taking a stroll on the street when the weather is cold and pleasant. You can also find loaded beaches when the sun shines bright.

  • Banking

It is highly advisable to open a bank account in the UK. Almost all banks require proof of residence and passport or Letter from University to open a Bank account and it is very easy process. By having a bank account, you can be stress from the exchange rate hassle and also avail various student facilities easily.

  • Transportation

You will be surprised to see the variety of transport facilities available in the UK. You can be spoilt for choice. The transport facility can be chosen after deciding the budget and convenience. A student can easily travel across the city after availing of a student Pass.

  • Get a health checkup done.

You can avail of free health checkups in the UK through the National Health Service. Thus before leaving your home country, it is good to have a health checkup done. Let your medical expert know that you fit enough to study abroad, and thus they will give you all the necessary documents.


If you believe there will be any room for point of discussion, you can take some documents along. It is highly recommended to get your vaccinations done.


  • Communication

When you are miles apart from your loved ones, it is common to miss your family initially. Thanks to the tech-dominated era, you can have seamless communication with your loved ones. You can get in touch with a local service provider and get a regional plan.

It will help you save additional expenses. Even though you will make calls with internet services offered on the internet, it is essential to have a local plan.

  • Student jobs

A student can work a maximum of 20 hours per week in the UK during the course duration. Additionally, students can work full time during the course break. Approximately students can earn anywhere between £8.2-£10 per hour. You can easily find a job if you keep an eye on local newspapers and career cells in university.

  • Places to eat

You will never fall short of food places in the UK. Be it a grocery store or an authentic restaurant. You can find everything in theIndian  grocery stores.

Thus these are few things that play a crucial role in planning education in the UK.



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