The New UK Visa Rules are here to stay

13 Aug 2020


Recently, the Boris Johnson government made some changes in the study visa rules for international students to attract many students. As per the new guidelines, international students from various countries, including India, can stay in the UK for two years after completing the course.

Until recently, students were allowed to stay back only for four to six months. The main reason for this change is to attract more students.

Some important things to know about the new visa rule are:

  • Ideally, the new visa policy will apply to candidates studying at both the graduate and postgraduate levels. The fresh visa is a separate one that requires a new application. It also compromises on visa payments and health surcharges. The said visa will not be extended under any circumstances that students must remember.
  • The new rule was intact in place before the Thatcher government eradicated it. After the law was scrapped, the country saw a significant dip in the number of international students deciding to study in the country. It is expected that the said proposal will bring back the number of international students.
  • As per several experts, both students and universities benefit from this new rule. It is also known that by exchanging culture, students can develop their careers and also allow universities to create an array of constructive ideas. Though universities are welcoming students, they are strict with the admission policy.

Opportunities offered by the new visa rule:

One of the best parts of this new policy is the prominent stay back opportunity that allows students to stay back upon completion of their course. Furthermore, many students refrained from studying in the UK due to the old policy, while the new system looks promising.

Another significant part of this policy is that it allows students to seek job opportunities. After finding a job, a student can quickly shift to a skilled work segment, which is a pathway to settlement. Due to specific rules and regulations, employers were strict in offering job opportunities. However, the change looks positive now after the implementation of the new law.

Another benefit of this rule is that it doesn’t restrict students to any particular type of job.

Benefits of the new visa rule:

  • One can repay loans faster as the students will be provided with an opportunity to find a job in the UK that will lead to an increase in the likelihood of their paying a loan, besides seeking job opportunities, students who have taken loan can have ample time to finance their education.
  • Students who have studied in the UK are most likely to receive an all-time high standing. Even if the students don't find a job in the UK, they will surely have a fantastic job in the international market. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the number of visas.

Adjustment time:

The new visa rule will be implemented from 2020-21, as people need time to adjust to new policies, and at the same time, the government needs to ensure they perform all the changes.

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