Study Abroad even during this pandemic

19 Jan 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic had halted the study abroad plans of students across the world due to the border restrictions and lock downs across countries.

While the COVID-19 pandemic means there is no definite answer as the situation is rapidly changing and evolving, here’s a bit of an update on the latest news and where you can go to get more intake information and enrollment support. Whether you’ve just started your new degree and are struggling to adapt to the “new normal”, are thinking of applying in time for the start of the spring semester, or are still evaluating options for next year, read on for answers to all your questions.

Accepting international students

Irrespective of the situations, the main thing to be kept in mind is that study abroad is still possible. Most universities, especially in Europe, are accepting international students. Furthermore, visa application centers are starting to reopen and the vast majority of institutions have created contingency plans in case of additional lock downs, restrictions or travel bans. As the Governments have begun to adapt to unanticipated challenges and numerous safety measures, such as mass testing and “track and trace” programs it is very likely the all these hurdles will vanish slowly. To make it short to all the students this is also the best time to apply for masters.

Travel restrictions

Travel restrictions are the major concerns that rotate in all the students minds. Even though all the institutions are offering virtual programs, the opportunity of traveling to the new city, experiencing the new culture and language should be utilized. You can make this task an easier one by consulting the right embassy websites and choose the appropriate country where you can start your academic year. As the start dates are tentative there is no need to worry and put your future on hold.

Student visas

It is still possible to apply for student visas. As the severity of this pandemic is getting lower, fortunately all the services are returning to normal. The processing of visa application might take three months, so it's better to apply well in advance before the start of your academic year.

Accommodation and health care

For the students who study abroad, accommodation and health are the major things to be considered. Students can prefer shared accommodation or having their own space. But anything can be chosen but check that the fellow mates have suitable health and safety policies in place before you confirm.

When with study orbits you make a lot of plans to shape your academic career in the UK, Gooddwell being our coordinating partner will assist you at finding a perfect stay location. Campus safety measures make study safe.

 The campus is taking safety measures such that the changes to traditional teaching structures will still provide you with the engaging educational experience you are seeking. The vast majority of universities are running hybrid schedules, with a mix of face-to-face and virtual classes and limited time spent on campus. Most have also developed contingency plans in case local or national governments introduce new regulations.

Job opportunities

Give a break to all your assumptions regarding the job opportunities due to COVID-19.

E commerce, healthcare, logistics and home entertainment are all examples of industries that are growing. And as economies adjust to a post-COVID-19 world, new opportunities will continue to arise.

If you’re thinking about a career in study abroad, consult Study Orbits. Study Orbits is the best overseas education consultants in India which provide visa assistance services and guide you in all possible ways.

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